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The Battle at Kruger: Dinosaur media following new generation giants

September 6, 2007

Makers of The Battle at Kruger, the world’s most famous nature video, announced today they are going back to Africa with the National Geographic Channel to work on a special planned to be aired later this year and tell the behind-the-scenes story about how they came to shoot this spectacular footage. Witnessed by Jason Schlosberg […]

The Skyscraper farmer: food for all

August 31, 2007

Source: popular science Source: popular science According to Popular Science nearly 41 percent of Earth’s land is now used for agriculture, yet we’re on the brink of vast population growth, from 6.7 billion people today to an estimated 9.2 billion by 2050, with the majority living in cities. Dickson Despommier, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences […]

Dreamy hidden bay surrounded by cliffs

August 18, 2007

My Skype seems to be green again and the number of other green contacts makes sense. Could it be that the problem was solved for now? I haven’t checked and of its communication features yet. Really don’t feel like doing so. People felt as if they were kidnapped hereā€¦ for example, not being able to […]

Nike play

July 6, 2007

On a hot lazy summer afternoon Carmel and Yonatan were busy water playing at the garden when Carmel discovered my Nike shoes standing there, waiting to be examined.

"Puddles" on Mars? It would appear not…

June 13, 2007

Dig this: a story titled ‘Mars rover finds “puddles” on the planet’s surface’ was published on by a guy named David Chandler. I am not sure exactly when it was published but it has been updated on 21:14 12 June 2007 with the following opening: “Update: The researchers have retracted their claim about the […]